About Us

LifeMap DiagnosticsTM is a healthcare team based in Leicester, UK that specialises in developing and commercialising the cutting edge, patented, electrical restitution Technology that is at the heart of our LifeMapTM device.

Our mission is to develop and deliver novel solutions for early diagnosis and effective treatment of heart rhythm disorders with the result of improving quality of life, prognosis and survival.

Our launch product is LifeMap which harnesses patented electrical restitution techniques to make a simple, precise assessment of sudden cardiac death risk.

LifeMap is based within the University of Leicester. Clinical trials supporting use of LifeMap have been funded by the National Institute for Health Research through the Leicester Biomedical Research Centre and a series of research grants from Heart Research UK and the Medical Research Council.

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Management Team

Professor G. André Ng

Professor G. André Ng

Professor G. André Ng

Professor André Ng’s distinguished research portfolio includes development of a novel isolated rabbit heart preparation. This has extended understanding of restitution and led to high-impact publications, grants and research prizes. This forms the basis of Professor Ng’s clinical research group’s important translational SCD research led by Dr Nicolson.

Professor Ng has been pivotal in the development of the revolutionary new Amigo robotic remote catheter device, using the device for the first time in the world in the clinical setting. He has been central to the governance, management and communication (including lay press) of the successful clinical application of this technological innovation.

Professor Ng leads the research team, bringing together a sophisticated understanding of the mechanisms of VA with the engineering excellence necessary to solve the complexities of LifeMap. His experience of developing both novel basic science research tools and cutting edge clinical devices has been invaluable to the continued success of LifeMap™.

Dr Will Nicolson

Dr Will Nicolson

Dr Will Nicolson

Dr Nicolson’s PhD research under Professor Ng led to the invention behind LifeMap. Dr Nicolson developed a research version of the complex digital signal processing software LifeMap uses and performed 3 proof of concept studies. Dr Nicolson has run multiple clinical trials of LifeMap in particular the multicentre MINERVA study which is in the final stages of recruitment.

Dr Nicolson has been instrumental to LifeMap winning the Medical Futures award, Da Vinci Award and the multiple other prizes that the innovative technology has been awarded. Dr Nicolson has also gained significant funding for the development of LifeMap through the NIHR Leicester Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit, the Da Vinci award and the Medical Research Council grant. His deep understanding of the technology will be key to creating a commercially successful version of LifeMap.

What is LifeMap?

LifeMap is a quick, minimally invasive test that has been shown to precisely assess risk of sudden cardiac death.

LifeMap Success

LifeMap has won numerous awards and Research Grants because of its novelty and efficacy.

Evidence for LifeMap?

LifeMap has been detailed in 3 peer reviewed published studies with further publications being finalised.